News — 07 September 2011

By Megan Cheung

Laetitia Beck hasn’t declared her major at college yet, but she is sure about golf. First, she wants to play professionally on the LPGA Tour. Then, she wants to contend for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Laetitia Beck during the opening round of the CN Canadian Women’s Open at the Hillsdale Golf & Country Club in Mirabel, QC, Canada. Photo by Leon Switzer/ Front Page Media

Laetitia Beck after qualifying for the CN Canadian Women’s Open at the Blainvillier Golf Club in Mirabel, QC. Photo by Marc DesRosiers/ Front Page Media

For the sophomore at Duke University, these aren’t impossible dreams. In August, Beck, 19, became the first golfer from Israel to play in an LPGA event. She secured her spot three days earlier, shooting a 1-under-par 71 in the open qualifier. The whirlwind week continued when she consistently made the cuts and played in all four rounds at the CN Canadian Women’s Open in Mirabel, Que. She was one of nine amateur players and she posted a four-day tally of 6-over-par 294 to tie for 70th place.


“It was very fun. It was the first time for me to play with professional players so I didn’t really know the level. If I want to play in the LPGA, I have to know how good they are, so it was very nice for me to see how far I am,” Beck said. She finished 19 strokes behind champion Brittany Lincicome.



Beck has been committed to the sport since winning the Israeli Open at age 12. At 14, she left her family in Caesarea, Israel to train and improve her game in the States. The decision was easy because her country lacked the facilities and competition. To this day, Israel only has one 18-hole golf course and Beck played – and won – against the men at the Championship this past July. While pursuing golf, she hopes her success will promote the sport in a country where basketball and soccer are the norm.

“Not many people know about golf and some people think it’s for rich people and old people. They don’t think it’s a sport really,” Beck said. “The people who play golf in Israel just love it. They just have to learn a little more about the game and I hope they will realize that it’s a great sport.”

Laetitia Beck off the tee during the opening round of the CN Canadian Women’s Open at the Hillsdale Golf & Country Club in Mirabel, QC. Photo by Leon Switzer/ Front Page Media


The disciplined athlete finds pleasure in golf’s outdoor nature and quiet charm. Independent and fuelled by perfection, she also enjoys being in control of her game.

“I love practicing and trying to become the best that I can be,” she said. She is hard on herself, she admits, because there is always something to fix and improve. Her putting at the Canadian Open, for instance, was “frustrating” because she made several three-putts.

Still, Beck was “very happy” with her performance and members of the Jewish community were thrilled to support her throughout the week.

“I’m very proud to represent my country and Jewish people,” she said. She wears the blue and white, Israeli flag on her shoes in competition. “I will do anything to show where I come from.”

As Beck gears up for her second season with the Blue Devils, she hopes her first LPGA appearance won’t be the last.

“It’s easy to play one event. But if you get the [LPGA] card, it will make the difference.”

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  1. I enjoyed meeting you at the 2009 Maccabiah and have been following your progress since then.It was exciting to speak with you during the Canadian Open.You now have a lot of fans in Vancouver as I kept my friends and associates informed of your journey in the Open.I look forward to following your progress and wish you much success.Watching you in person on the LPGA is something to which I look forward.!

  2. Dear Laetitia
    I have been observing you at Caesarea for the last few weeks and have been following all your scores with help from my friend Cyril Kaufman
    I have been so impressed by your modest behaviour on and off the course and especially by your elegant long game and exemplary short game
    Now that you are moving into much more exalted golfing circles, I am sure that you will be redoubling your practice routines without forgetting your other studies
    Wishing you more and greater success in all you do. We are all so proud of you. Very best wishes
    David Marriott

  3. Hi Laetitia,
    Great job, you certainly must be an insiration to all the junior golfers from Israel. Penny from the club keeps me informed,good luck at school and on the links.
    Phil Coles

  4. Laetitia,

    It was a pleasure being part of your 1st but certainly not last LPGA event. I would carry a heavy bag for you anytime. When the world realizes how nice you are as a person and that your amazing golf game is just a compliment to who you are as a person. You will become a superstar. You’re already a star in my books.

    Enjoy school we can wait a bit before we watch you win on tour.

    Your friend Bryce

  5. Hi Laetitia

    I followed you all the time on the tournament site. Very well played and I am sure you learnt a great deal. All the best for the future
    Steve Taylor

  6. Hi Laetitia
    I had the best time watching you qualify …and am so proud of your accomplishment at Hillsdale..I’ve watched you play 6 rounds in Israel, Florida and Montreal, and you’ve been under par each one. Can’t wait to see you play again soon. I am convinced you have a great future ahead of you. Good luck with your studies at Duke …..Happy Healthy New Year

  7. Hi Laetitia

    Congratulation on being the first Israeli to qualify for a PGA tournament.

    You did us proud her in Israel as well as to yourself and family.

    We always knew that had the making of a champion and looking forward to see play in many other PGA tournaments.

    We love you here in Caesarea and go from strength to strength

  8. Dear Laetitia, Thanks to my good friend, Cyril Kaufman, I was able to share in the excitement of your recent Tournament in Canada, and, as a Jewish South African, living in Shanghai, China, please know that you made me very proud. Golf, as a sport, is growing exponentially in China, and, we look forward to welcoming you whenever you decide to play here. Best of luck for your future and Shana Tovah from Max, Cicili and Bina Stange

  9. Laetitia

    It was an honor and privilege to be the Golf Canada official that announced your name on the first tee at the qualifier. It was just as much fun for me to totall your scorecard each day as the tournament went on

    Even though we just met you we feel such pride in an Israeli athelete such as you.

    We wish you nothing but good luck and good health in all your golfing ventures at Duke.

    Shana Tova

    Cynthia and Kenny Wolfe

  10. Laetitia
    Great job Now all you have to do is marry my son to become a Karls what better Play Golf and make a family .
    Keep up the great work.

  11. LB,
    You have made everyone very proud and no one more than me.
    Good luck for the coming year at Duke and keep those Israeli flag golf shoes ready for action – you will be wearing them very often in the future!!

  12. Congratulations to a job well done in your first LPGA event!! I look forward to watching you compete in the future.

    Go Blue Devils!!

    (Bryce’s friend & partner)

  13. Laetitia–great playing in Canada and good luck at Duke this year—don’t let me beloved Tar Heels beat you! Play well. Jeff

  14. Laetitia,

    You have all the mental and physical tools to achieve every one of your personal and professional dreams. It was an honor to meet you and see you compete with the best in the world. It’s only a matter of time until you’re standing alongside them every week.

  15. Laetitia,
    It was a pleasure to watch you qualify for the Canadian Open and I truly enjoyed the experience at the Open watching compete on an equal footing with the best in the world. Your future looks really bright. Keep working as hard as you have and your dream of winning on the LPGA tour will happen sooner than you think.

    Shana Tova

  16. Laetitia,
    It was a pleasure to spend time with you and you were just remarkable in Montreal.
    Good luck this year at Duke and in your studies and we look forward to your first LPGA win in due time. Happy New year. Mike

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